wellness exams

Yearly exams are an important part of keeping your pet healthy.   As your pet ages, issues can arise fairly quickly, and the yearly exam gives the doctor the opportunity to check your pet’s overall appearance and health, weight and temperature, as well as any changes that may be occurring.

Yearly visits are also the time to check pets for heartworms and intestinal parasites that can severely affect their longevity.

Vaccinations are important, not just for puppies and kittens, but for adult pets too!  Some vaccines don’t have to be done yearly for adult pets, but should be boostered at their proper time to ensure your pet doesn’t contract severe diseases such as Distempter, Parvo, Kennel cough, Leptospirosis, Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, and Rabies.

In your "Senior" pets, (usually age 7 and older) we run a "Senior Wellness Profile" yearly to be able to maintain optimal health of your aging pet. The Senior Wellness Profile includes full blood chemistry panel, CBC, Thyroid test, and Urinalysis. These tests screen for liver, kidney, thyroid and autoimmune diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and urinary tract infections.

If your pet needs to be updated on their yearly exam and vaccines, please ask us at your next visit!

soft tissue & orthopedic surgery

Spays, neuters, feline declaws and mass removals are some of the most basic surgeries we offer!More advanced surgeries include:
• Cruciate Ligament Repair
• Patellar Luxation
• Femoral Head Ostectomy
• Gastric Torsion
• Enterotomy
• Cystotomy
• Thoracotomy
We monitor all surgery with EKG, pulse oximetry and blood pressure measurements!

Successful surgery includes cutting edge procedures, comprehensive monitoring and proven recovery techniques!

We take pride and excel in our numerous surgical procedures.


Veterinary dentistry has evolved greatly in the past 15 years.

We strive to practice the most progressive methods to help treat our pets' mouths for disease and help prevent gum disease and the loss of teeth. It is a known fact that gum disease can lead to the spread of bacteria into the bloodstream and then to other parts of the body such as the heart (endocardiosis), liver, kidneys, and bladder.

A dental prophylaxis or “dental” will not only remove the tartar and visible calculus above the gum line but will also remove the tartar and calculus hidden under the gum line that leads to gum disease.

At SCVH we have the capabilities to take dental radiographs just as you would have done at your personal dentist. The dental radiographs allow us to assess bone loss, presence of cavities, tumors of the jaw and help to determine if a tooth can be saved or if it must be removed.

We focus on teaching the owner how they can help to decrease the frequency of dental procedures by showing them how to brush their pets' teeth, discussing proper chew toys and how to look for problems with the teeth to help our friends from losing them!

We get excited about teeth!


Most everyone is familiar with radiographs or “x-rays.” We use radiology to help diagnose a multitude of diseases such as bony fractures, degenerative joint disease, lung disease, cardiac abnormalities, ingested foreign bodies, as well as in dentistry.

Radiology is often used in conjunction with ultrasound to get an “inside” look at our furry friends.

We utilize digital radiography at SCVH to offer the latest in technology. Digital radiography has greatly changed our ability to diagnose certain diseases as compared to conventional radiography.


This is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools that we use on a daily basis.
Ultrasound is a noninvasive method to examine the internal abdominal organs such as the bladder, prostate, kidneys, spleen, liver, adrenal glands and lymph nodes.

It is one of the best tools for the early detection of tumors, stones in the bladder and kidneys, foreign bodies, and evidence of gastrointestinal motility disorders. It can of course be used to detect pregnancy as well.

Echocardiography is the use of ultrasound to evaluate the heart. We use this for the early detection of cardiac disease and to find tumors of the heart or other parts of the thoracic cavity.

Since ultrasound has been added to our practice we have been able to start treatment for our patients very early and greatly improve the prognosis.

in house laboratory

Everyday we encounter cases that demand immediate diagnostics, and we have the most current equipment to handle this.

Whether we are dealing with an emergency, monitoring a critical care case or screening for problems prior to surgery, you can be assured quality measures are being taken to give us the most accurate picture of the problem.

Some of these diagnostics include a complete blood count, chemistry profile, urinalysis, fecal, cytological diagnostics and electrocardiograms.


Boarding is available 365 days and nights a year! In case of the rare emergency, Dr. Beck and Dr. Daugherty are on call … every day of the year! A huge advantage to our boarding clients is having Dr. Beck or Dr. Daugherty  ready to go at all times!

We have our crew of “regulars” that board several times a year and would love to meet any new pets that need a place to stay while their owners are out of town or just need a night away. We take appointments for boarding, and weekends and holidays can fill up quickly, so call us when you need to book space.


Is your pet in need of a makeover or just a little touch-up haircut? We offer grooming and bathing services all week long! We are proud to have Amanda as our certified groomer.  It's amazing to see what a difference a good haircut can make!

Please call for an appointment for grooming with Amanda and come by to meet her. If your pet simply needs a good bath, toenail trim, ear cleaning etc, then we have a staff just for that as well!

vetsource home delivery

We now have an online home delivery system, where we can prescribe medications and have them sent straight from the manufacturer to your house!

Many people like the ease of ordering online, and there are many online “pet pharmacies” out there.  The problem with them is that they do not sell products straight from a manufacturer, because they will only sell their products to licensed veterinarians.  There is a huge “gray market” where products are bought and sold but are not coming from the manufacturer.  Many come from other countries, or are look-alike copies.   Counterfeit products are everywhere.  Therefore, the manufacturer won’t guarantee the products that are not sold through a licensed veterinarian.

Through our online home delivery system, Dr. Beck and Dr. Daugherty can have certain prescribed medications or products delivered straight from our manufacturer to your home.
To request a prescription refill, you may either call us at: 770-924-6746 (Please specify if you would like your medication mailed through VetSource home delivery system)
or  you can request online at: http://southcherokeevethospital.
You will need to Create an account prior to checkout if it’s your first time ordering.